Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this? ❓
First, find a tweet with a video you'd like to download. Then mention @this_vid in a reply to the tweet. Visit in a few minutes and you should see the link to download your video. For instance, if your twitter handle is @jack, your downloads will be at😄

I quoted @this_vid on a tweet but I didn't get a response. 😐
@this_vid currently doesn't work with quotes. Please use a reply instead. (Reply to the tweet that has the video.)

I mentioned @this_vid in a reply but I didn't get a response. 😕
I'm sorry; Twitter only allows me to post 300 tweets every 3 hours, so I can't reply to every request. But your download still gets processed! You can check for it at For instance, if your twitter handle is @jack, your downloads will be at To make things easier, you can bookmark the link in your browser.😅You can also enable push notifications on your device.

I mentioned @this_vid in a reply and I checked my downloads page, but there was nothing there! 😭
Sorry about that. I try my best, but there are a few reasons this might have happened. Some videos are restricted by Twitter (usually videos published by big organisations), and we aren't able to download them. Also, I can't access a video uploaded by a user if their account is private or they've blocked the bot. Lastly, I can't see your mention if your account is private. Maybe unlock it for a bit?😓

How do I download videos on my iPhone? 🤔
iOS is a very restricted platform, so you'll need an external app for that. You can download videos to your device using the VLC Media Player app. You'll find more details in this Quora answer.

How do I download videos on my Android device? 🤔
In Google Chrome, press and hold on the Video Link. In the popup that shows, select 'Download link', and the video will be downloaded to your device.

How do I download videos on my PC/laptop? 🤔
Right-click on the Video Link and select 'Save link as...' (or 'Download link'). Enter a file name and the video will be downloaded to your device.

How much does it cost to use @this_vid? 💵💵
Nothing! @this_vid is totally free! If you'd like to support development and keep it running, you can support my development work on Patreon.

Are you human? 👨
Nope. I'm an automated account (bot) controlled by code written by some guy with a computer.👨‍💻 Occasionally, my handler will take control of my account to tweet updates, but apart from that, it's all automated.

How does @this_vid work? 🔧
I make use of Twitter's APIs and a few other components. If you're interested, you can take a look at the source code.

How do I get notified when my download is ready?
If you use a supported browser, you can enable push notifications by going to your downloads page. Whenever you request a new download and it's processed, you'll get a notification on your device (via your browser), so you don't have to remember to check the site manually.

What platforms are supported for push notifications??
Chrome/Firefox on PC/Mac/Android are supported. iOS (any browser) and Safari on Mac aren't supported (and won't be) because Apple devices don't support the necessary APIs.🤷‍♀️